Monday, April 9, 2012

.....................Oops forgot about the ice!.....................

I totally forgot to post the pictures from our melting ice activity!


Dino, Boo and the three other girls really enjoyed this activity.  Dino had  some real tools like a screwdriver and a hammer while the girls used spoons to chip away at the ice. 

The girls were really excited to find the jewel rocks in the ice as it melted!  I gave them each a container to put their jewels in.

Boo wandered over to check out Dino's melting ice and offered her help.


The girls practised saying the word cold in French and English as well as the words water and jewel in both languages!  This was a great activity which I will be using again in the summer when it is warmer except I will choose some different things to put inside the ice for a change and we will do it outside!

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