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Dino is my oldest child, he is in second grade and speaks French and English fluently.  His Dad talks to him only in French and I talk to him only in English.

He loves, and I mean loves Dinosaurs and knows everything about them, well almost everything!

He is a very shy, but caring boy who loves to entertain others and make up a lot of jokes and silly stories.

His favourite subject is math, and his least favourite subject is French, probably because it is his second language and has to work harder at it than his other subjects.

Dino goes to an English school, but since we are living in Quebec he must take French also, and it is not a course on learning french but a French language arts class just like his English language arts class. 

He loves to play computer, and the wii, even though I am trying to limit him on computer time. Boo also loves playing games with others such as card and board games.

He reads books every day, and is especially interested in encyclopedias on dinosaurs, planets, and geography.  Other favourites are the magic school house series, and various other chapter books.

His favourite toys are his dinosaurs, beyblades and bakugan.

Boo loves doing things with the family, his favourites are probably play fighting with his Daddy, Playing games with his little sister Boo and quiet reading time with Mom!

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Boo is my youngest child, she is in her second week of tot school and it is going extremely well.

She is shy at first but quickly warms up to people and loves to socialize.

Boo says about 12 words (as of January 16, 2012), some in English and some in French.  Like her brother, I talk to her only in English and her Dad talks to her only in French.  The only difference is that for her it has been like this since she was born and Dino only started learning French at four years old.

She really loves to play with her dolls, wrapping them in blankets and rocking them, feeding them with a bottle and giving them hugs and kisses.  

She likes books a lot if she is doing the reading, but when I read to her it is not long before she grabs the book out of my hands and looks at it herself! 

She loves it when others play with her, but she is starting to play on her own for short periods at a time. 

Boo also really likes music and dancing, anytime she hears music she smiles and starts to move her arms in the air and dance.

One of her favourite things to do is to go outside and play.  When she sees someone getting their coat, she goes to her hook and trys to grab her coat!

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