Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tot School: Blocks and Colors (17 Mths)

Tot School

I have been wanting to work more on colors with  Boo, so I came up with the idea to use her large lego blocks.  I am starting with the colors blue and red only because I don't want to overwhelm her.

We started off just checking out the blocks and I told her that some were red and some were blue, and had her try to repeat the words.

I gave her a blue basket and a red basket that I picked up at dollorama and showed her how to put the blue blocks in the blue basket and the red blocks in the red basket.  She started sorting them which was great to see, but after a few blocks she got bored of it!

She built a tower all on her own and then we said the color of each block together and she is getting pretty good at pronouncing them!

Boo stacked the blocks for quite awhile, I will definitely use this activity again.

I hid some blocks under various baking bowls and containers I had in the kitchen.

She loved trying to find the containers that had a block under it, and she would say yes if there was a block and no if there wasn't.

No, there is not a block under this container.

Boo decided to try the blocks on for size.

She was really interested in this red container.

Boo decided her puppy was hungry, so she gave him some block food and said mmmmm!!!

I think she got hungry too!

Containers make such good drums!

Her puppy got tired so she but him in a bed to sleep for awhile.

Boo loved this piece of foam that I found in a closet.

She played on it for about 30 minutes.

She even jumped on it a couple of times, this was very exciting for me because it was the first time she has jumped!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Tot School: Boo 17 Months

Tot School

Today we did lots of fun things at Tot School and Boo really enjoyed it............

We started off playing with PomPoms, she put them into the holes of an icecube tray.....


and then put them back into the storage container!

I poked some holes into a shoebox lid and gave her a container of markers to put in the holes.....

but she got really frustrated when they stuck out of the holes......... 

So I put the lid on the box and she was happy again!

Boo put all the markers into the box and then started over again....

and when she had just one marker left, she decided to practice taking off the lid and putting it back on again.  She had no problem taking them off but kept turning them to put them on, so I told her to push hard and it worked!  She did this for about five minutes and was proud of herself each time she got the lid on tightly.

After she tired with the lids, she decided to color the box, but when it didn't show up very well......

she decided to color the inside of the box and that worked well for her!

As you can see, this simple activity was a hit with Boo and I plan to try it again with her in a couple of days.

I brought out our beanbag throw game and when she saw it, this is what she looked like!

I showed her how to throw the beanbags into the holes, but she decided it was much easier to just place them in the holes!  She got bored quickly so I balanced a beanbag on my head and she thought that was funny until I put it on her head and she started screaming, so that was the end of the beanbags!  I think I will wait awhile until we try this activity again!

We went outside on the balcony, which Daddy and Dino shoveled for us, so we have lots of room to play!  We played with the exercise ball for awhile and played chase.  Boo wanted to sit in my lap so we sang some songs including the ABC song and next thing I knew Boo was sound asleep. It wasn't too cold out this morning so I let her nap outside in my arms for about ten minutes and then we went in for a snack and a visit with Grandma before lunch.  I think this was one of the best Tot School days yet!!!

If anyone has any ideas for outdoor activities in the winter I would love to hear about them.  I am having trouble coming up with ideas because of Boo having to wear mittens and having trouble moving around with all her outdoor clothing on.  I like to go outside with her each day, but she doesn't seem to enjoy it so much.

Go visit 1+1+1=1 for some great Tot School ideas.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Boo loved pushing her brother Dino's cars and trucks down her slide.

Dino played with her, he liked seeing whose car went the farthest.

Dino came up with the idea to push his bakugan down the slide, this was a big hit with Boo!

We played with mega blocks, I pushed the truck for Boo and she would run and get it and bring it back to me to push again.

She was so proud of herself being strong enough to carry her mega blocks truck all by herself!

This was the first time Boo played bowling, she really enjoyed it!

It was a lot easier to push them over with the ball!

Oh no, this one doesn't want to stay up!

We went outside on the balcony, and made blocks of snow to break apart.

Dino brought out his Beyblades and ripped them on the snow blocks we made together.  They worked great and even spun for a long time in the snow!

Dino really enjoyed this and I am sure he will want to try this again another day.

All I have to do is throw some blankets in a pile and Boo has a blast.  She loves to play and cuddle with pillows and blankets!

I love seeing her happy, smiling face.....its makes me have a happy, smiling face too!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Organization and More Letter A Fun!

Boo is really enjoying learning about the letter A and can say it properly now!  I started using Tot School printables from this Tot school blog and also used her idea to put them in page protectors so they will be reusable.  She has been coloring each day in her letter binder with dry erase crayons and loves to erase it afterwards!

Boo did this page three times in a row before going onto the next!

After about twenty minutes she started to get bored of coloring and started peeling off the paper from the crayons!

Dino lent his Widgets to Boo and did she ever love them, she played with them for quite awhile.

I thought this was such a cute picture!

I am finally getting organized!  I am so happy because I can just grab whatever I need from the shelves without having to search all over the place.

Here I keep all the games and puzzles and extra miscellaneous things that are mostly for Dino, but also some things for Boo.

I still have a lot of space on my shelves to add new things!

I love having enough space that I don't have to cram everything together!

These are my wooden puzzles that are more for Boo's age, they were almost all Dino's when he was younger.

I put some of my things in large Ziploc bags to save space, I took this idea from  this Tot School blog please take the time to check out her site because she has tons of great ideas and free printables for Tot School and more!

I still have a lot more organizing to do, but I got a great start this week and it is so much easier and faster for me to prepare each day!