Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boo and Dino....Best Friends!

I just love it when Dino and Boo spend time together!  Boo loves playing with Dino's lid collection.

Dino showing Boo how to smile for the camera.

Another favourite activity for Dino and Boo is when they push each other around on Boo's little car.  Dino helps a little by pushing with his feet when Boo is pushing him.

Boo showing her brother how to do her new magnetic bug puzzle. 

Boo really loves this puzzle and does it every day since we bought it.  The string on the net is too long for her so we wrap it around to make it a little easier for her.  Dino likes putting the magnets back in using the magnetic net but since this is too difficult for Boo, she uses her hands to place the pieces.

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