Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Dino enjoyed making these Valentine heart crayons.

He peeled all of the paper off the crayons, broke them up into pieces and put them in the heart shaped tray.

We put them in the oven until they were melted, then let them cool off and this was the result!

Boo enjoyed coloring with them!

We made a Valentines Day sensory bottle using baby oil, water, sparkles and sequence.  I glued the lid on with a hot glue gun....I hope it holds!

Boo and I rolled it to each other.

She pushed it around a lot and even kicked it with her foot!

Boo did some stamping with Valentine stamps I picked up from the dollar store.

This is our Valentine Sensory Bin!

Boo first checked out the texture of the rice and then dug around for the little heart jewels.

She liked filling up the little heart containers and dumping them out on the floor.  She hasn't quite got the hang of trying to keep the rice in the container yet, but that's okay because cleaning up is part of the learning experience too!

I hope the kids sleep well tonight because as you can see they had a lot of chocolate and candy!

Boo really likes chocolate, she just has to learn not to put so much in her mouth at one time!

My wonderful husband gave me some beautiful Valentine flowers!

He always knows how to make my day special!

Our little man Dino made us a card and a Valentine craft at school, he is so sweet.  Moments like this are what makes life worth living for!!!!  Thank you to my wonderful family for making the day so special!

I hope everyone else had a great Valentines Day too!

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  1. Love your crayon idea! Now I'm upset that I gave away my Elmo tray! :)