Monday, February 13, 2012

Tot School Learning Binder (Shapes)

Tot School

I have decided to start a learning binder with Boo and since it is close to Valentines Day, I have decided to start with a heart page.  I found a scrapbooking album and some scrapbooking paper and as we start learning more shapes, we will make a page for each shape using different materials.

Boo really enjoyed making her heart page, we used peelable heart stickers and heart stamps.

She enjoyed peeling off the paper from the backs of the heart stickers.

She also enjoyed stamping, but I think I will have to add some better ink to them because you have to push rather hard for them to show up well.

Voila!  This is the finished product of our first shape page which I placed in the scrapbooking album in a clear sheet protector.  I am also going to make a heart label for the page, as well as a shape title page for the front of the scrapbook!

I am really excited with this idea and can't wait to go onto the next shape, but I will wait until after Valentine's Day so Boo has the chance to really get to know the heart shape well!  She often points to this book on the shelf, so I take it down for her and I ask her to find a heart and she points to the hearts on the page.  I hope she will be able to say the word heart soon, but isn't able to yet.

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