Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tot School Valentine Fun!

Tot School

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Boo and I don't do Valentines Day activities every day but we have been doing some off and on during the past couple of days, here are some of the things we have been doing........

I hole punched some foam hearts for Boo to string onto a pipe cleaner.

She wasn't able to do it because the pipe cleaner wasn't sturdy enough for her.

I tried to help her by holding the pipe cleaner straight but she insisted on being miss independent!

She tried for a long time, I was surprised to see how much patience she had during this activity.

Eventually she was able to do it all on her own!

Next I gave Boo some of the same foam hearts but without the holes, some white glue and a paintbrush.

I showed her how to spread the glue on the paper with the paintbrush and push the hearts into the glue to make a collage.

Boo really enjoyed this activity, especially gluing over the hearts after they were already placed!

She also liked pushing the hearts into place.

She asked for more glue a lot by pointing at the glue bottle and saying ahh ahh.

I think she liked the glue more than anything in this activity!

Boo didn't like the feeling of the glue on her hands too much though.

Wow! What a beautiful Valentines Day time to wash the hands.

After washing her hands, Boo enjoyed a yummy Valentines Day snack!

Red Jello


I will be doing a lot more Valentines Day activities with Boo and some with Dino also, so please check back soon for more fun with Boo and Dino!

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  1. Love it! We will be gluing hearts this week or next too :) I really like the foam heart with the pipe cleaner idea. I might use that next week. I will link back if we do use it :)