Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Organization and More Letter A Fun!

Boo is really enjoying learning about the letter A and can say it properly now!  I started using Tot School printables from this Tot school blog and also used her idea to put them in page protectors so they will be reusable.  She has been coloring each day in her letter binder with dry erase crayons and loves to erase it afterwards!

Boo did this page three times in a row before going onto the next!

After about twenty minutes she started to get bored of coloring and started peeling off the paper from the crayons!

Dino lent his Widgets to Boo and did she ever love them, she played with them for quite awhile.

I thought this was such a cute picture!

I am finally getting organized!  I am so happy because I can just grab whatever I need from the shelves without having to search all over the place.

Here I keep all the games and puzzles and extra miscellaneous things that are mostly for Dino, but also some things for Boo.

I still have a lot of space on my shelves to add new things!

I love having enough space that I don't have to cram everything together!

These are my wooden puzzles that are more for Boo's age, they were almost all Dino's when he was younger.

I put some of my things in large Ziploc bags to save space, I took this idea from  this Tot School blog please take the time to check out her site because she has tons of great ideas and free printables for Tot School and more!

I still have a lot more organizing to do, but I got a great start this week and it is so much easier and faster for me to prepare each day!

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