Monday, January 16, 2012

Tot School and a Playdate!

Tot School

Today Boo had her friend Dee over for a play date.  Since we are doing a farm theme this week, I brought out the oatmeal sensory box.  They had fun finding animals and filling up the containers using the spoons and then dumping them out.

More oatmeal fun!

Boo decided it was raining oatmeal, it looks like Dee thinks this is kind of funny!

D playing with the ball hammer toy, all the kids seem to really love this toy, and to think I really hesitated when deciding if I was going to buy it or not!

Boo trying to be patient while waiting for her turn to hammer.

Boo's first experience with a glue stick!  She is gluing feathers onto a chicken.

She really didn't like when one of the feathers got stuck to her finger, but it was so cute watching her try to shake it off!

She liked it when I named the colors of each feather and she tried repeating me, although it didn't come out sounding like the name of a color!

When she finished decorating her chicken with feathers, she started to play with the glue stick.  This is a picture of her saying no, when I asked her if I could have the glue stick.

This is her trying to keep me from getting the glue stick, she really didn't want to give it up so I let her play with it for awhile and eventually she got bored of it and we were able to move on to the next activity!

She really enjoys her stacking rings that we picked up the other day at Toys R Us.  I named the colors of the rings as she took them off and put them back on.  She is really starting to get interested in colors and can even say blue!

She was so proud of herself after taking off all of the colored rings!

She hasn't played with this toy for awhile, but decided she wanted to try it today.  She can close them all easily, but has difficulty opening three of them.  She closes them and opens the bear and then hands it to me to do the other three!  Today I encouraged her to try, and she almost did a couple of them but got frustrated so I just helped her and everybody was happy!

We tossed around her ball for awhile, she is starting to get really good at throwing the ball and is even starting to kick it a little bit!

I took a fruit loops cereal box and taped the opening shut, then I cut a hole and put her pig in the hole.  Then I made two holes to attach a string to it and made a loop at the end of the string so it was easier for Boo to pull.  At first she didn't know what to think of this, she was really excited but she just stood there and stared at it. So I decided to take her pig for a little stroll around the room myself to show her what it does.  I even made a broooom sound and then I gave her the string so she could try. 


She played with this for about 25 minutes so I guess it was a big hit! 

Later in the day, she played with her sticky blocks, she liked stacking them up.  I thought it was cute when she tried to knock them over but couldn't figure out why they stayed together and didn't fly all over the place like when she does this with her other blocks!

Boo asked to play with her colored rings again, I can see this is going to be one of her favourites!

Wow, Tot school sure is hard work!  This is Boo with her older sister Julie relaxing after her bath and drinking her milk before story time and then bedtime!


Please visit my favourite Tot School blog at she has lots of really great stuff here!!!

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