Monday, January 30, 2012

Tot School: Boo 17 Months

Tot School

Today we did lots of fun things at Tot School and Boo really enjoyed it............

We started off playing with PomPoms, she put them into the holes of an icecube tray.....


and then put them back into the storage container!

I poked some holes into a shoebox lid and gave her a container of markers to put in the holes.....

but she got really frustrated when they stuck out of the holes......... 

So I put the lid on the box and she was happy again!

Boo put all the markers into the box and then started over again....

and when she had just one marker left, she decided to practice taking off the lid and putting it back on again.  She had no problem taking them off but kept turning them to put them on, so I told her to push hard and it worked!  She did this for about five minutes and was proud of herself each time she got the lid on tightly.

After she tired with the lids, she decided to color the box, but when it didn't show up very well......

she decided to color the inside of the box and that worked well for her!

As you can see, this simple activity was a hit with Boo and I plan to try it again with her in a couple of days.

I brought out our beanbag throw game and when she saw it, this is what she looked like!

I showed her how to throw the beanbags into the holes, but she decided it was much easier to just place them in the holes!  She got bored quickly so I balanced a beanbag on my head and she thought that was funny until I put it on her head and she started screaming, so that was the end of the beanbags!  I think I will wait awhile until we try this activity again!

We went outside on the balcony, which Daddy and Dino shoveled for us, so we have lots of room to play!  We played with the exercise ball for awhile and played chase.  Boo wanted to sit in my lap so we sang some songs including the ABC song and next thing I knew Boo was sound asleep. It wasn't too cold out this morning so I let her nap outside in my arms for about ten minutes and then we went in for a snack and a visit with Grandma before lunch.  I think this was one of the best Tot School days yet!!!

If anyone has any ideas for outdoor activities in the winter I would love to hear about them.  I am having trouble coming up with ideas because of Boo having to wear mittens and having trouble moving around with all her outdoor clothing on.  I like to go outside with her each day, but she doesn't seem to enjoy it so much.

Go visit 1+1+1=1 for some great Tot School ideas.


  1. Our daughters seem to be the same age! I love the ideas on your blog and am now following it. I have seen a few ideas on pinterest for outside activities but haven't tried them yet.
    This article has a few good ideas. The candy one looks really cool. I want to try frozen bubbles soon too.

  2. Thanks so much, these are great links! I want to try out the frozen bubbles too.......its funny but I never thought of doing bubbles outside in the winter. I also want to try the colored iced balloons.