Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tot School: Blocks and Colors (17 Mths)

Tot School

I have been wanting to work more on colors with  Boo, so I came up with the idea to use her large lego blocks.  I am starting with the colors blue and red only because I don't want to overwhelm her.

We started off just checking out the blocks and I told her that some were red and some were blue, and had her try to repeat the words.

I gave her a blue basket and a red basket that I picked up at dollorama and showed her how to put the blue blocks in the blue basket and the red blocks in the red basket.  She started sorting them which was great to see, but after a few blocks she got bored of it!

She built a tower all on her own and then we said the color of each block together and she is getting pretty good at pronouncing them!

Boo stacked the blocks for quite awhile, I will definitely use this activity again.

I hid some blocks under various baking bowls and containers I had in the kitchen.

She loved trying to find the containers that had a block under it, and she would say yes if there was a block and no if there wasn't.

No, there is not a block under this container.

Boo decided to try the blocks on for size.

She was really interested in this red container.

Boo decided her puppy was hungry, so she gave him some block food and said mmmmm!!!

I think she got hungry too!

Containers make such good drums!

Her puppy got tired so she but him in a bed to sleep for awhile.

Boo loved this piece of foam that I found in a closet.

She played on it for about 30 minutes.

She even jumped on it a couple of times, this was very exciting for me because it was the first time she has jumped!

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