Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Start of the Alphabet and Other Fun Stuff!

Tot School

For the last couple of days I keep debating whether or not to start the alphabet with Boo, or to wait until she is a little bit older.  Well she decided for me when she found the container of letter magnets and asked me to open the container for her!  I got out an old cookie sheet for her but would like to buy a new one for her the next time I go to the dollar store.  She started out by just dumping the magnetic letter on the ground and then piling them all onto the cookie sheet in any old fashion.  Once they were all on, she tried to dump them off, but when she discovered they didn't all fall off, she started shaking the cookie sheet and became a bit frustrated.  I then stepped in and showed her why some fall off and some don't and then she was happy again and just pulled them off with her hands!  She played with this for a long time and even helped me clean them up when she was finished.  


Dino didn't have school this day so he decided to participate in Tot School with his sister. I printed out the Dot a Dot letter A here and found some old bingo dabbers and a paint shirt for Boo of course!  I showed her the page and told her it was the letter A and said the sound.  She actually said A by the end of this activity which was really neat and confirms that she is ready to start learning the alphabet a little bit.  She really enjoyed this activity but I would suggest using washable dot a dot dabbers because it was really difficult getting this off of Boo, and as you can see she even dotted her cute little nose!  The A page didn't last too long, so I gave her a blank piece of paper and she had a lot of fun with that, I also sung the alphabet song while she was doing the activity even though Dino told me to stop because it was really embarrassing!

Dino on the other hand didn't enjoy this activity so much, he wrote I am bored on his paper and afterwards drew some bored faces on some other papers.  After this activity he said he was dropping out of tot school and went to his room and played with his army men!

Even though Dino said he didn't like this activity, he used up about five papers so I think he secretly might have enjoyed it a little?!

Here Boo is placing animal stickers onto a farm coloring page, she really loves stickers and usually sticks them all over her Grandma so I decided to try this activity and she loved it!  She also colored the page a little with some crayola twistables, it turned out really cute.

I gave Boo some white play dough today for the first time and she kept pointing outside and then looking at the play dough.  I think she was associating it with the snow, so we made some snowballs with it and she put them all in her little container.

For some great ideas and printables for learning the alphabet go to this great Tot School site

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