Friday, January 13, 2012

Very Busy Day at Tot School Today! (Boo 16.5 months)

Tot School

Today was an awesome day for Boo and I at Tot School, we did so many activities together and I am sure we will both sleep very well tonight!  We started at nine this morning and besides a short nap, a car ride, and a couple of meals and snacks, we really never stopped until it was time for little Boo to go to bed!
 Here are some pics of the highlights of our day:

We started out making muffins, Boo gave me the blue ones and she ate the pink ones.  She actually pretends to eat them without putting them in her mouth and makes a munching sound at the same time!!!

Next we went downstairs to Grandma's apartment to play with the color sorting animals.  This is the first time Boo has played with these and was more interested in stacking the cups than sorting the animals!  I just let her play freely without interrupting her because she seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do.  She filled up some of the cups with the animals and then enjoyed dumping them out on the floor!  She also held up an animal to me and made the sound of the animal.  She did pretty well with the sounds, she knows the pig, cow, horse, rabbit, cat, dog, and duck.

Boo loves to throw balls and even though she doesn't usually make the basket, she sure has a lot of fun trying!

Boo likes to color and is currently drawing lines, which are sometimes even relatively straight.  Here she decided to use two crayons at the same time!  I really like these crayons, which I bought at Walmart, especially since they are washable! 

Boo loves her animal puzzle and can put all the pieces in on her own.  Sometimes she gets a little frustrated if she can't get a piece in right away, but I just tell her to turn it and then she usually gets it.  Each time she gets a piece in the puzzle, she claps her hands and gets a big smile on her face!  She also like to say the sound the animals make and sometimes I ask her to find the dog or another animal and she takes it out to show me. 

Boo really enjoys playing with her box of pom poms, I gave her an empty mouthwash container and she loves to put the pom poms in it.  She also uses little tongs that I got from Dollarama, she can pick up the pom pom with them but can't quite figure out how to release it afterwards, so she just takes it out of the tongs with her fingers!


Every Thursday afternoon we go to the mall where they have an awesome play area with lots of big soft blocks to climb, balance, slide and jump on.  We meet with two other stay at home moms so Boo gets the chance to socialize with other children around the same age as her.  She always starts out shy but by the end she is running around all over the place and has a lot of fun.

Boo just recently started smiling for the camera when we ask her to say cheese!

As you can see, Boo really enjoys our Thursday play dates!

Please take the time to vist this awesome site that has tons of ideas and information on tot school!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day! It's days like these, when everything goes smoothly, that help make the other days (that don't go as smooth)better! Stopping by from Moments to Remember....

    1. Yes I did have a wonderful day, thank you! I feel that the more I play with my children the more fun it is, and it is so rewarding to see their smiling faces!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! She's at such a fun age where everything is a great learning experience!